Over 20 years ago I started a family tradition. On the night before Easter I would stay up late and wait until my 3 daughters were asleep. That night I would create stencils in the shape of an Easter Bunny paw print. Then, I begin the process of making a trail of cute little Easter Bunny prints.

The Easter Bunny trail would lead from the walkway in the front of my home and wind its way up and through the house into their bedrooms. At the end of the trail I would place each girls Easter basket. In the morning we would wake to laughter and squeals of delight as the girls would rummage through their treasure and happily run through the house following the bunny trail out into the front yard.

The first year several neighbors stopped by to ask where I had purchased the product used to create the cute little bunny prints. Several even asked if they could pay me to make the prints for them next year.

As the years passed I would carry on the tradition of the Easter Bunny trail. Each Easter eve, the neighborhood walkways were decorated with the cute little bunny prints. My neighbors would even leave their children’s baskets on the front porch so that I would apply the bunny trail leading to their home.

Each year on Easter morning the neighborhood would be awakened with shrieks of joy and the sounds of children laughing and playing.

Thus was born. In the coming years I developed a simple, inexpensive way to share our families holiday tradition with millions of families around the globe.

Now there's a stamping kit for every occasion!